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Q10040 - FAQ: Can I retrieve deleted items and how far back can I go?


Can I retrieve deleted items and how far back can I go?


Yes we support a feature called “Deleted Item Retention”.  Simply have your user highlight their Deleted Items folder in Outlook and then choose “Recover Deleted Items…” from the Tools menu.  This should open a window showing all messages that they “permanently” deleted from the Deleted Items folder in the past 30 days.  If you do not see what you are looking for in the list, than please make sure you also try to hold down the <Shift> key while you click on Recover Deleted Items as this will reveal any hard-deleted items in the Deleted Item Retention folder.  Do this while your Inbox is highlighted in Outlook and again when the Deleted Items folder is highlighted. If you still cannot find the items that you are looking for then please submit a support ticket at http://www.netvigour.com/support and we will advise you if there are any alternatives available that may retrive the deleted items.

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